It doesn't matter what level your little one's current food interest or skill is, as we focus on the things that appeal to pre-schoolers.  They all join in with the cutting, chopping, cracking and stirring and everybody helps to set the table where we all sit together to enjoy the meal that they have just prepared.

Of course we throw in a few things that aren't so natural to them, such as good hygiene, sharing and table manners..but we do it in a fun way so they don't even notice.

Safety First

Although at this stage parents and carers are usually on hand to help, we always use induction hobs and children's safety knives to enable everybody to participate with as little risk as possible.  If the worst does happen, then all of our instructors are qualified first aiders and they will be equipped with a first aid kit that includes bandages and burnshield hydrogel.

Healthy Attitudes

We are keen to develop a responsible attitude to food during our courses, so we teach about balance, healthy foods and 'Family Trees' (if a food has a simple tree, then it's going to be a better food than something processed in a factory).  We also teach children to recognise marketing tricks so that they are not enticed by cartoon characters on packets of junk food.

Varied Recipes & Themes

Whilst simple, our recipes and menu themes are far from dull.  Take this Paella for example, it was cooked and enjoyed by a pre-school group:

Fun Fact: To make 1Kg of honey, bees visit 4 million flowers & travel a distance equal to 4x round the Earth

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