School Age

At this level we start to pick-up the pace a little and we'll extend the depth of the subjects to keep these growing minds interested.  For example, we won't just teach "Bananas grow on trees" but we'll explain the environmental conditions that bananas like, why they're good for you, which countries produce them and how they get to our shops.    

Fun Fact: A banana tree isn't really a tree, it's an herb !!

This age group begin develop interests in menu planning and recipe selection, so we'll encourage them to find recipes they think the rest of the group will enjoy.  

Safety First

At this stage parents and carers tend to step back a little, so we always use induction hobs and safety knives to enable everybody to participate with as little risk as possible.  If the worst does happen, then all of our instructors are qualified first aiders and they will be equipped with a first aid kit that includes bandages and burnshield hydrogel.

Healthy Attitudes

We help develop a responsible attitude to food during our courses, as we teach about balance, healthy foods and 'Family Trees' (if a food has a simple tree, then it's going to be a better for you than food processed in a factory).  We also teach children to recognise and resist marketing tricks.

Varied Recipes & Themes

The recipes and menus that we use at this stage become more involved.  Usually they are multi-stage (such as baking a pie-base whilst creating the filling).  This provides enough challenge to keep everybody interested without being too difficult.

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