Before your not-so-little ones head off to University or move out into their own place, a growing number of them are taking a bit of advice on how to fend for themselves.  We run short group courses or 1-2-1 sessions where we cover:

  • Healthy Living on a Budget
  • Simple Meals
  • Food Hygiene ( hmm, how long has that been in the fridge ?)
  • Tips & Tricks to make money (and food) go further.

Although we keep to our trusted formula of lessons built around PreparingCooking & Enjoying a meal in a fun environment, the actual cooking steps back a little.  Whilst we ensure that everybody has the skills they need to cook properly, the complexity of the recipes is tailored for the time they're likely to have available.

Safety First

We always use induction hobs to enable everybody to participate with as little risk as possible. If the worst does happen, then all of our instructors are qualified first aiders and they will be equipped with a first aid kit that includes bandages and burnshield hydrogel.

Healthy Attitudes

We develop a responsible attitude to food during our courses, as we teach practical ways to achieve balance, and how best to source and keep food to ensure value for money.  We hope none of our students have to survive on beans on toast for 3 weeks like one of my friends did !!

Varied Recipes & Themes

We'll introduce some foods that may well be new to the students, but they're sure to become staples once they get to University.

Fun Fact: For every £1 that you spend on food, 80p goes towards the marketing, manufacturing and packaging, whilst only 20p goes towards the actual food.

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